I'm Axel Verstappen and I am a web developer.
Check out my portfolio and don't hesitate to contact me!


I'm a 21 year old digital cannibal (read addict) and currently in my last year for my Bachelor's degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. Ever since I discovered the Internet during my early teenage years, I have been a non-stop presence on games and forums, always keeping a secret fascination for the magic of coding.

Eventually, I chased my dream to become a web developer at Thomas More Mechelen. Over the span of my education, I have specialized myself in front-end development but also polished my skills in back-end development.

I recently completed my internship at Nascom as a front-end web developer. You can still view my results, thoughts and progress during the internship by reading my blog.


  • Timder

    Timder applicatie

    View website Timder is an application where companies can quickly search for suitable students to work for them in the future. Students can make a profile by uploading their favorite projects with a description, this information will be converted to a showcase for companies to 'like' or 'dislike' profiles like in the Tinder application.
    Javascript (Node.js), Express, MongoDB

  • Diet Guide

    Diet Guide platform

    Diet Guide is a platform which can be used by dietists to check the calory intake of their patient and an overview of what they have eaten that day & week. It also gives the patient an interface on which they can manage what they eat and check how many calories they can still consume.
    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (JQuery), PHP, MySQL

  • Flash Guns - Hitmen

    Flash Guns / Hit Men website

    View website This is the website I designed and developed for my local ice hockey team in which I also play. At the time, I didn't have any experience with PHP or any other language to use a database so it is completely made in HTML, CSS and Javascript. The website features the two recreational hockey teams of Olympia Heist-o/d-Berg.
    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (JQuery)

  • St. Michel

    St. Michel website

    I designed and developed this website for my father-in-law's employer. It's a basic website with custom built-in translations and it's using a crude (Bootstrap-like) grid system.
    HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript